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Knit-Rite, Preggers, Therafirm, and SmartKnit are becoming part of the Thuasne family of products. This is great news for you – our customer! As everyone knows, when combining two families, some things will change, while others will remain the same.

What Changes?

Well, for starters our name. Since we are now part of the Thuasne family, our company name is Thuasne. And with that, our website. You’re used to finding our products on;;; and Now, you will be able to find all of our products on But, instead of four separate websites, everything will live under one website.

What Stays the Same?

Basically, everything else! The brands that you know and love, will still be known by their current names. All of our products will still be made by the same experienced and dedicated workers in our own USA facilities. They will still be made with the same quality, the same processes, the same designs and styles, and the same materials, on the same machines. Everything you know and love about our products will continue.

Why is this Change Important?

Change is good. And this change is great! Why? Because now we can offer you so much more. Our history, our mission, and our reason for existing have always been to serve you, our customer, with solutions to your medical challenges. As part of the Thuasne family, our solution options have become that much bigger. In the near future, look for us to add additional products to our web offering for other solutions to your health care, self care, sports care, and kids care.




We are Knit-Rite.

Our Knit-Rite History

Celebrating our 100-year anniversary in 2023, Knit-Rite has come a long way in improving patients lives. Our company was founded by Billy Isle, a World War I veteran and Red Cross Captain. The war left Mr. Isle as an amputee. He helped lead the establishment of prosthetic centers for veterans who had suffered amputations during the war. His own experience with prosthetics, as well as his work with other amputees, lead him to identify a need for amputee socks.

When Mr. Isle returned home to Kansas City, he bought a knitting machine and put it on the front porch of his home. His wife, Anna Isle, used the machine to knit the very first pair of Knit-Rite socks. One of the first patients to use Knit-Rite socks was Ted Smith, a 9-year-old that lost a leg in an accident. Ted grew up and became Knit-Rite’s first salesman. He later became a certified orthotist, then a partner at Knit-Rite and finally President of the company. Throughout the 20th century and into the 21st, the company thrived as a manufacturer of prosthetic and orthotic textiles, helping patients to improve their lives. Knit-Rite was handed down through three generations of Smiths.


We are Therafirm.

Our Therafirm History

In 2000, Knit-Rite purchased Therafirm, a manufacturer of gradient compression located in North Carolina. Therafirm began in the 1950s as Parke-Davis. Knit-Rite and Therafirm began to re-invigorate innovation, transforming the compression line into a product that was more comfortable, easier to put on, and more comfortable and fashionable.


We are Thuasne.

Our Thuasne History

In 2021, Knit-Rite and Therafirm were purchased by Thuasne. Thuasne was founded in 1847 by Auguste Cattaert in Saint-Etienne, France. In its 175-year history, Thuasne has grown into a global pioneer and innovator in the world of medical devices and technology. The orthopedic, compression, and sports care products are sold in 85 counties in Europe, Asia, and North America.

As part of the Thuasne family, Knit-Rite will continue our original mission of improving lives, by lifting people to new levels in their health journeys.



U.S. manufacturing is slowly on the rise. However, after decades of decline, the U.S. has a lot of ground to make up. Knit-Rite and has always been committed to manufacturing in the U.S. Maintaining facilities in Kansas City, Kansas and Hamlet, North Carolina, Knit-Rite understands the importance of providing good jobs for hard-working Americans and contributing to the American economy.

Knit-Rite invests in innovation with the purchase of new and technologically forward knitting and manufacturing machines, and employs dedicated, hard-working individuals who are committed to producing products that further our mission of helping people to realize new levels on their health journeys.



Knit-Rite is not just a building or a business, but an integral part of the communities around our facilities. To us that means giving back to the community. Throughout the year, the Knit-Rite family gives time, money and resources to help serve the underprivileged people in the community – everything from helping to provide meals, clothing, and even a few surprises under the Christmas tree for families.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Knit-Rite turned machines over to making masks to help protect people from transmitting the virus. Although, masks were sold around the country, Knit-Rite also donated masks to high-risk facilities around the communities we serve, especially during the points of the pandemic when masks were difficult to find.



We serve you! Quite simply, we serve those who are looking for solutions to their health and wellness challenges. You might be a parent of an autistic child, or a child with sensory processing disorder. You might be a patient who lives with diabetes, varicose veins, or poor blood circulation. You may wear an orthotic device, like an AFO brace, a back brace or knee brace, and need a protective barrier for your skin. You may be a teacher, flight attendant, or anyone that works a job constantly on your feet, and need help preventing tired, achy legs. Or, possibly you’re an athlete looking for a healthy, natural way to increase endurance and speed up recovery post-workout. Our products provide solutions to all these health and wellness challenges, and more. Our products improve the lives of the patients who wear them.



It all goes back to Billy Isle. He wanted to help amputees like himself, and he saw a need and went to work to meet that need. We are that legacy. Every person that our products help is another life improved.


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