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Therafirm Product Warranty

Therafirm Manufacturer’s Warranty

All Therafirm products are warranted to be free of material or workmanship defects for 45 days. Any defective merchandise will be replaced at the discretion of Therafirm. No refunds. There are no other implied or expressed warranties, including the fitness of the product for certain medical conditions.

Be sure to carefully inspect your products as soon as you receive them for manufacturer's defects. Manufacturer’s defects are flaws that are existent or apparent when the package is opened. Note that manufacturer warranties do NOT include: normal wear and tear, pulled threads, runs, wear at the toe, or holes due to fingernails, toenails, or snags; or any problem caused by the wearer in application, improper use, or improper care of the garment. It is recommended that compression products be replaced every 6 months as the compression can break down with normal wear and care. These occurrences will not be considered as defects. If you feel that a hole, snag, tear or run is the result of a manufacturer's defect, please contact us. We take quality issues very seriously and we will do our best to resolve the matter.

Therafirm products purchased from unauthorized resellers are not covered by our warranty.

Marketplace sellers: Therafirm and TrendNation are the only authorized seller on marketplaces including Amazon, Jet, Wal-Mart, Ebay, etc. Therafirm products purchased from any marketplace seller outside of Therafirm's or TrendNation’s Seller Accounts will not be covered by our warranty.

Online sellers: Therafirm products are covered by our warranty if purchased from or one of the Certified Online Sellers listed below.

Certified Online Sellers:

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